Outdoor Workshops in Muskoka

My outdoor photography workshops are designed to help you apply your photography skills in an outdoor setting and introduce you to a variety of new techniques that will allow you to create photos you can be proud of. As well, these workshops will hopefully stimulate your creativity and encourage you to explore different rules of composition that can add interest and artistic flair to your photography.
The group workshops are limited to 5 people to allow for a more personalized approach.


A basic understanding of your camera and how to use f-stop, shutter speed, and ISO.

Course Outline

Outdoors (3 hrs)

- Quick review of shutter speed, f-stop, and ISO
- Learning to use manual, and aperture and shutter priority modes to give you more control over your photography
- Creative use of depth of field and using speed to capture different types of motion
- Composition tips
-Making the best use of available light


- A chance to get together a few days later and share some of your best photos from the outdoor session. This will also be an opportunity for you to get some feedback on your photos and get tips for further editing if needed.

* During the course I will also try to address individual needs and help you with any photographic challenges you may want to explore.

What to Bring

- Workshops take place rain, snow or shine so please dress appropriately for 3 hrs outdoors
- Camera with a fully charged battery and a memory card with lots of space
- A standard zoom lens and any other lenses you may wish to bring
- Tripod ( I will provide mini tripods for those who don't have one)

Time and Location

Locations and times will vary according to time of year. Typical start times, however, will be around 7am to take advantage of the best light. After the outdoor session we will meet a few days later from 7:00-9:00pm indoors to share photos and get feedback on editing.


New Courses to be announced soon.

Payment and Cost

Cost: $100 (HST included)

Payment for outdoor courses need to be made in advance to secure a spot.
For payment I have added a pay-pal link to each course where secure payment can be made with a credit card or with a pay-pal account if you have one.You will then receive an invoice by e-mail and a confirmation for the course.

E-mail: azmuskoka@yahoo.com